In 1890 the Anzuini brothers left their village Todiano -Norcia (picture 1) to settle in Pistoia where they kept on working as "Norcini" (pork butchers making dressed pork products) from October to March, each year.

A few year later, they opened a grocer's shop, which was soon followed by two more, so that each of the three borthers, Montano, Enrico and paolo, had his own downtown shop, respectively located in Via Carratica (picture 2); in the city centre close to the main tower; in Porta al Borgo.

As Montano's forth generation of descendants, we keep on making dressed pork products according to the old artisan methods, with the greatest care and respect for the Tuscan tradition as well as for the typical flavours of its cuisine. Nonetheless, we still feel bound to Norcia, the native land we come from, which we often visit to re-discover our roots. In 1979, new sanitary regulations and the need for more space pushed us to more our factory to Larciano di Pistoia (picture 3), right in the middle of a large estate of ten hectares (around 25 acres), surrounded by pine-trees, maples, oaks and holm-oaks. No doubt, this luxuriant nature contributes greatly to the unmistakable flavour and smell of our products, which are not to be easily imitated.